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Zapping Computer Stress

These days, many of us are affected by computer stress. In addition to the assault on your electromagnetic field from sitting in front of a computer screen, you may also experience eye strain, stiff shoulders, and sore wrists or neck muscles from working on a laptop or handheld device. Take a yoga break to de-stress from electronic “fuzziness” and stretch out your hard-working muscles.

Do this pranayama exercise to strengthen your aura and reduce computer stress. Raise your arms up to a 60-degree angle, with elbows straight and palms pressed toward the sky. Imagine an arc of energy over your head between the palms. Begin a Breath of Fire (a rapid breath from the nose, pulling the belly in as you exhale, inhaling automatically). Continue this abdominal breathing for 1-3 minutes, pulling the navel in as the breath goes out, while holding the arm posture. At the end, inhale deeply, relax the arms and feel the effects. Recharge your batteries with some aura-boosting yoga!

Recommended: Yoga for Computer Users by Sandy Blaine and Aulterra EMF Neutralizer


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