Light of My Soul

Affirm Your Energetic Best

What is the soul? It’s pretty mysterious. For awhile, back in Enlightenment-era Europe, it was thought to be a little node, like a nerve, on the back of the heart. These days, even among those who believe in the soul’s existence, it is spoken of as if it were a metaphor. Usually, it roughly means a person’s essence. But even this understanding loses something in translation.

It is more accurate, and an incredible affirmation, to instead say, “I am the light of my soul.” This way, instead of implying the self is a fixed reality, you identify with something infinite and energetic. This simple statement plants a little seed in your consciousness, assuring you of your limitlessness and radiance. It transforms your every thought, word or deed into the emanation and embodiment of the universal source. Make this saying a part of your daily routine, and nothing will seem routine again.

Blissful meditation music: Light of the Soul

Recommended: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer


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