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It's true. Your diet effects every part of you, even the areas without major organs. The muscles, tendons and ligaments do a lot of hard work, and you can support them, as they support you, by eating right and supplementing your diet.

First, eat alkaline. In other words, enjoy more vegetables and less sugar, coffee and animal products. Second, the soft tissue of your neck and entire spine and all of your joints responds very well to these three nutritional supplements: chondroitin, glucosamine sulfate and MSM (available at your health food store). Think of them as insurance: when you support your joints nutritionally, it is like using the best materials to construct a home. Just so, these safe and natural dietary aids assist the structure of your neck (and all of your joints) in carrying your weight around. The healthier they are, the more easily blood flows from place to place, and the less stress accumulates in one location. So put a glide in your stride and give your joints the feed they need!

Recommended: Glucosamine & Chondroitin plus MSM


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