Hold a Hand

Be There When You're Needed

There are times when less is more, when simple is best, and when you seek the plain truth because the rest of the world, in all its chaotic detail, is just too much. Everyone goes through it at one time or another. Becoming confused or emotionally overwhelmed is such an intrinsic part of being human, there is no question that it will happen. The only question is when.

So when a loved one goes through a particularly difficult time, be brave and help them shoulder the burden. In these tender moments, when grief, turmoil or even profound joy require a hallowed environment, be there to provide a space of acceptance. Listen closely and deeply. This intimacy breeds security. You’ll grow emotionally, and your loved ones will feel comforted and supported. When the time is right, offer your observations, no matter what form they take. Just know that when you extend your hand and open your heart you will make a difference.

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