Grapefruit is Great Fruit

C the Possibilities

Besides being amazingly tasty and totally, incredibly healthy, the luscious grapefruit offers an array of extraordinary health benefits, some of which are especially helpful this time of the year!

Summer sports and pollens can increase the chances of inflammation, whether by asthma or arthritis. The high levels of Vitamin C in grapefruits help reduce these irritating effects. Grapefruit juice is also a great natural sports drink that is high in liminoids and phytochemicals that assist in making toxic compounds soluble, so the liver can detoxify the body. So running around and playing can help you cleanse! At work, grapefruit oil (available at your health-food store, along with the very different grapefruit seed extract) is especially helpful: just a whiff wards off lethargy and nervous over-exertion. Its ability to stabilize nerves can also be used to relieve migraines and even jet-lag. So go enjoy a lively, wonderful summer and bring a grapefruit or two along for that extra bit of happy, healthy, tang!

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