Go Wild with Oregano

Herbal Essential Oil

You know the feeling—tightness in your chest, achy muscles and a tickle in your throat. It’s a cold or flu trying to work its way into your system. And, of course, it’s got to show up just when you’re heading out of town, planning a family visit or when you just want some time to catch up with your life. There are a lot of remedies out there for warding off those bugs. An herbal remedy that’s been around for ages, and is getting some popular attention lately, is oregano oil.

This isn’t the same dried oregano you add to your marinara sauce, but they are related. Oil of oregano comes from wild oregano plants growing in the Mediterranean. Wild oregano contains anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, making it a power herb for a wide variety of ailments. Oregano oil comes in gel capsules or as a liquid, diluted in olive oil. This winter, consider boosting your immune system with some “wild” oregano therapy and help fight off colds and flu before they get a grip.*

*Not to be taken by pregnant women

Recommended: The Miracle of Wild Oregano by Dr. Cass Ingram and Oil of Oregano (bottled) by Wellness


Anonymous commented on 09-Jan-2012 06:05 AM5 out of 5 stars

Had no idea but great to know. Thank you.

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