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Kundalini Archer Pose

Whether you’re in search of stability, love or courage, practicing Archer Pose is the perfect way to embody the energy of the spiritual “warrior”—one who seeks to capture and retain the essence of inner strength. When done with a powerful breath, Archer Pose increases your ability to stay centered and build a strong mental projection. This powerful Kundalini posture activates your chakras and balances the nervous system and aura.

The key to Kundalini Archer Pose is the stance and focus. Stand with your left foot 2-3 feet in front of the right. Keeping the left knee over the left ankle, extend the left arm parallel to the ground. Pull back the right arm across the chest so that the right hand is level with the right shoulder (as if you are pulling back on a bow). Pull in the navel point and maintain a focus out beyond your extended hand. Breathe long and deep or do breath of fire. Start at 1-3 minutes on each side. Fill your being with clarity, courage and a vision of possibilities beyond the horizon.

Har Aerobic Kriya with Archer Pose Har Aerobic Kriya with Archer Pose (526 KB)

Archer Pose Video

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