Fueling the Fire

Warming Yogic Tips

Trying to stay warm this winter? You could snuggle all day under a blanket or wear several layers of clothing to ward off the chills. You could also do yoga to help fuel the fires, keeping you warm, ridding the body of toxins (especially if you tend to be more sedentary in the cold) and helping your body deal with the seasonal tendency to want to hibernate. So how do you heat the body with yoga?

Breath of Fire pranayama is a natural internal heater. You can even use it as a survival tool if you are caught out in the cold and need to stay warm. Pumping the navel helps keep the digestive fires stoked, as does pulling root lock (mul bhand). First thing in the morning doing a vigorous yoga set gets your blood circulating and helps regulate your body temp throughout the day. Finally, don’t neglect those cold showers for some yogic hydrotherapy. Now is the time to warm up with some yogic fire and enjoy the beauty of the winter wonderland!

Fire Kriya Fire Kriya (1119 KB)

Recommended: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer: Yoga Through the Seasons by Sandra Savatini and Shiva Rea: Sun Salutations (DVD)


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