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The Art of Acknowledgement

To acknowledge is to “admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth or fact of.” How often do you take the time to identify the truth of your life? In your job, you periodically assess your competency and level of expertise, noting where you need to make corrections and learn new skills. In life, a periodic acknowledgment of your journey can be enlightening and inspire you to keep going and growing. Identifying your Self to yourself is a powerful technology for self-empowerment.

Acknowledge your successes. Did you recently change an old habit, achieve a significant goal or reach a milestone in your life? Have you become more patient with yourself and others, or developed a new skill that makes you proud? Take a few minutes to shed some light on the positive and acknowledge that you are on the right track. Then, keep on expanding your horizons and taking the steps to fully realize your potential. Recognize and appreciate the positive efforts of your children, spouse, friends and co-workers, too. Experience the power of acknowledgement in your life!

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Recommended: Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation by Mike Robbins


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