Don't Be a Heel

Care for Your Soles

Your feet are your foundation. Your heels, especially, take on a major part of the load. Being at the bottom of the totem pole of your body’s structure, the soles of your feet often don’t get enough attention, which can result in dried, peeling skin or calluses and painful cracks that can make it difficult to walk.

A regular foot care regimen guards against heel problems. In your morning shower or evening bath, use a pumice stone to gently “sand” away the rough spots around the edges of your heels. Towel dry and then massage your feet with almond oil. If they need some extra TLC, apply oil or foot cream at night and put on a pair of clean cotton socks. Climb into bed and in the morning wash your feet in warm water without soap. Heed your heels and they will “carry you” the distance in comfort and style.

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