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It's Not Just a Vitamin!

Vitamin D is amazing. In the 1930s, it helped cure Rickets and forty years later it was re-classified as a hormone, because it was found to control calcium levels in the blood. Today, research reveals Vitamin D receptors in many organs and tissues, which implies that many biological activities, and almost all aspects of well being, depend in some way upon Vitamin D's availability. And that doesn't even count all the uses dermatologists have found to use it in protecting your skin.

The FDA's recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D is 400 IU, but research has shown that this amount is woefully inadequate. Ideally, you would take at least 4000, plus get 20 minutes of sun exposure per day! There are an amazing range of factors that contribute to your own requirements, so check with your doctor for tests to observe Vitamin D levels in your blood. Your optimal health D-pends on it!

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Recommended: The Vitamin D Revolution: How the Power of This Amazing Vitamin Can Change Your Life by Dr. Soram Khalsa MD and Thorne Research - D-5000 (5000 IU Preservative Free Vitamin D3) - 60's


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