Cooling the Flames

Defuse Your Anger

Yogis have a powerful antidote to the fiery emotion of anger. Since anger works both on a physical and mental level, yoga is perfect for tempering and cooling the body and mind. You can learn a lot about yourself by just watching what happens to your body when you are feeling stressed or frustrated. Yoga teaches you to stop, breathe and cool your body, so that the mind will naturally follow.

Your emotions affect your health, so defusing anger or channeling it into more positive activities is definitely a good thing. In traditional Oriental medicine, anger is known to negatively impact the liver and gallbladder. Eat foods that support your liver (like green foods and beets). Other anger management techniques: Write down your feelings without judgment, hit pillows, do some stress-relieving yoga to release the anger. Practice forgiveness and let go of past hurts. Release your anger so you can be light, bright and serving all!

Recommended: The Anger Diet: Thirty Days to Stress-Free Living by Brenda Shoshanna


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