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Wash Your Mental Windshield

As you travel life’s road, dealing with stress, emotional challenges, anger and fear can be like bugs or mud hitting your “mental” windshield. You can’t always predict or control what happens in your life, but you can decide if you’re going to let it “stick” to you or not. Mucky thinking hampers your ability to see a solution to a problem: when to stop, when to go forward, where you should make a right or left turn. Without a method of wiping off your mind’s windshield, navigating your thoughts can be a puzzling, even depressing, proposition.

Cleaning your mind and clearing your vision is essential – so try this two-step process: First, investigate your thinking. Often you’ll find that simply changing your way of viewing a problem will lead to a solution. Next, add the magic of mantra. Pick a word or do a mind-quieting meditation. By changing your negative thoughts to neutral and washing your mind with soothing mantra, you will be able to see the path clearly once more and travel safely and surely onward!

Easy meditation to clear past emotions: Your Issues are in Your Tissues

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Anonymous commented on 18-Aug-2011 07:52 PM5 out of 5 stars

Let me just say, if all of us could clear our minds by 10% I think the entire world would change drastically. The clutter that rumbles through all of our minds (the endless chatter and negative thoughts) is truly a major reason our world is the way it
is. You can just see it in peoples faces. Thanks for the reminder! Sergio

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