Calling the Unknown

The Power of Prayer

Humans share many things, including the urge to call on something greater than ourselves. We may invoke the heavens through astrology, meditation, the arts or science to understand our relationship with the Cosmos. That is why prayer is so powerful…we are looking to tap into the Unknown for guidance, for answers to Life’s difficult questions.

Yogis understood the technology of prayer. You press together the left palm (the negative current) and the right palm (positive current) at the heart center (sternum/mind nerve), into what is known as prayer pose, to calm the thoughts. From this place of neutrality and inner peace you are in a position to tune into the voice of your inner wisdom. We are all part of the Cosmos—a holographic “chip” off the Universal Computer. So prayer makes perfect sense. It guides you into a calm, peaceful place from which you can listen with your heart.

Open your heart lotus through prayer with this video: Lovely Lotus

Recommended Read: Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home by Richard J. Foster
Recommended CD: Universal Prayer by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa


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