Business as Unusual

Blending Purpose with Profit

Commerce is an exchange of energy, trading your activity for a product or service through the medium of money. As we enter a more conscious era of business, there are many opportunities to become an “Aquarian Age” entrepreneur. Beyond the bottom line of profits, there are real blessings to be found in investing in your passion by building trust, cooperation and a sense of community among your employees and customers through mindful business actions.

When you relate to a higher purpose in business—including respect for the environment and your workers— you set a vibration that goes beyond just making a dollar. By “walking your talk” and recognizing your connection with the global community, you will make a difference in your daily transactions. Your actions will attract conscious consumers, thus keeping the cycle of prosperity and planetary ethos spiraling upwards. You will profit both in your pocketbook and your soul!

Recommendation: Be the Solution by Michael Strong and John Mackey and Conscious Entrepreneurs by Christine Kloser


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