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The Surprising Spring of Winter Warmth

The idea of a cold shower is anathema in the West. In the realm of popular ideas, it is generally only thought of as a means of cooling off overzealous sexual desire. But the reality is most people in the world shower without the luxury of hot water. There is something natural about this. When devotees bathe in the Ganges early in the morning, the river is ice cold. The result is not only cleanliness, but also a refreshment of spirit.

Cold water against the skin draws the flow of blood to the extremities and stimulates the nervous and immune systems. These benefits are increased when you massage yourself beforehand with almond oil and vigorously towel off afterward. Ishnaan, or conscious bathing, is very therapeutic, but it’s also practical, especially in the approaching winter months. The increased blood flow warms the body, and the sensitized nerves make you aware of the body’s natural, radiant heat. So be brave and try it. You’ll warm up to it soon.

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Anonymous commented on 29-Jan-2010 08:36 AM5 out of 5 stars

This is so true. Whenever I've done a cleanse, I start the day with the almond scrub and cold shower. I feel so holy, exhilarated. Try it!

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