Beneath the Skins

Dig Those Bioflavonoids

Stop! Don’t toss those orange and banana peels in the compost yet. That whitish layer on the inside of the skins is good stuff—rich in bioflavonoid, a key ingredient in the Vitamin C complex. These wonderful antioxidant and immune system boosters offer a very unique gift in strengthening capillary walls. That means if you bruise easily or tend toward spider veins and varicosities, bioflavonoids can help in curing or preventing these conditions.

To peel your orange or banana skins, take a spoon and scrape the insides. Enjoy as a garnish or side dish along with your fruit. You can also add the scrapings into your morning smoothie, if you’re not wild about the taste (though they’re not bad at all, really). You don’t need to dig too deep to harvest the value of these hidden and humble gems—a light scrape will bring enjoyment to your morning and improved health to your life!

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