A Thousand Steps

Let It Come to You

It seems like every time you move a couple of steps forward, you get knocked a step back. Choosing to live the best life you can means setting a higher standard, and it is easy to become your own taskmaster. This may work for a while, but eventually, and probably without seeing how to get it, you will want more.

At these moments, when you seem to be completely out of patience, bow down. In some way, the resistance you are feeling is raising the question of trust within you. It’s not just a matter of letting go, it is an opportunity to give your burden to the very cause you’re working toward. Once you do, you will feel your goals approaching. As the yogis say, “for every step you make toward the guru (or universal teacher), the guru takes 1,000 steps toward you.” These little acts of faith will calm you and, in the long term, add up to the commitment and patience needed to be a success.

Recommended Read: Let Go and Let God: Steps in Victorious Living by Alfred E. Cliffe


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