A Mindful Manner

Your Values on Display

Manners are more than knowing which fork to use at a fancy restaurant or how to address a VIP. Manners are a way of behaving; they are a reflection of your attitudes in action. When you move through your life with a conscious and sincere “manner,” you let everyone you come in contact with know the caliber of your values. Manners help create a kinder, gentler place to live for all of us.

There are lots of reasons to show common courtesy. Opening the car door for a friend, saying “please” and “thank you” or meditating to heal others may be that last drop in the bucket of kindness that tips the scales on world peace. Every person you touch with a generous act or mannerly deed may potentially pay that kindness forward. Although unknown to you, the goodwill you send out today will return back to you tomorrow. You may have learned manners in kindergarten, but being polite goes a long way at any age!

Recommended: Not So Common Courtesy: The Owner's Manual by Mitzi Taylor


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