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The Challenging Gift

Connecting Through Relationships

Many of us have had the feeling, at some point in our lives, that we just want to get away from everyone and be alone. Yet the relationships around us help to define who we are. We exist in an environment filled with relationships – easy or difficult, welcome or unwanted. Within the experiences of those relationships lie buried the gems of revelation and recognition of fully knowing yourself. Some relationships, like our parents and family, shape us. Other relationships, like our own children, we shape. By measuring yourself against another person, or by seeing yourself reflected in another person, you become acquainted with your own persona. However, this comparing can set you up for a fall.

It is certainly easier, although exceedingly lonely, to close yourself off into a singular, subjective view of who you are and the story you live in. Mostly, it is the fragility and insecurity of your ego that erects isolating walls in an effort to protect and feel superior. This separation denies you the one opportunity life gives you to expand beyond your limited self.

You begin life, at least subconsciously, aware of being in relationship with another – your birth mother – and of being part of something bigger than yourself. Most of us fall under the dominion of a primary urge to re-establish that sense of connection. It usually takes the form of seeking the intimacy of a love relationship ­– to seek merger with another. But this desire for merger may have an even higher form.

Through meditative practice you can strip away the barriers which block you from feeling connected to all people, to all things. From this subtle awakening of your intuitive potential you experience the essential nature of all things and come to see us all connected as one. Here you gain your highest personality filled with tolerance, gratitude, prosperity and happiness. In your expanded universal-self-awareness you uncover the sublimely beautiful truth about all of your relationships – that you are able to be in the fullness of the experience of yourself only by embracing the totality of all facets of your collective human manifestation – only by accepting all of your relationships as gifts.

Pritpal Singh Khalsa

Life Coach, KRI Teacher-Trainer and Musician.

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Michelle commented on 17-Aug-2011 11:17 AM5 out of 5 stars

Wisdom at a level I would have preferred to see more of at Yogamint.

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