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Emotional Freedom Technique

The first time I tried EFT, I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck. The experience was excruciating. Tears poured from my eyes and my chest convulsed with sobs. The calm, loving voice from my EFT practitioner over the phone helped guide me through the process and kept me breathing – and tapping!

Yes, tapping. By tapping, breathing, following her gentle guidance and repeating the common phrase, “I love and accept myself,” I was able to excavate an inner garbage dump of anger, sadness, guilt and self-loathing.

Using the first two fingers on each hand, the technique is to tap gently and repeatedly on a specific series of points around the body. Starting on the head, working on points around the face, down the torso and then on to the hands.

While tapping through the points, you speak aloud your beliefs and affirmations around the issue being worked on. Tuning in to your negative self-talk, you connect the thought in the mind and the energy stored in the body, and healing takes place. By tapping the meridian endpoints while stirring emotions, entire nerve channels are stimulated and debilitating energy vibrations are awakened and suddenly released.

Gary Craig synthesized this technique using wisdom from acupuncture, EMDR, and a few other related modalities. Together he created a system that addresses every illness imaginable – from stress, depression and other emotional ailments, to physical pain, injuries, and chronic disease.

Working with a seasoned EFT practitioner helps guide you through the process, effectively exposing and identifying issues around each area that needs healing. As soon you become comfortable, you are encouraged to practice on your own and to make EFT a daily practice. With very little effort, everyone can learn to tap it out!

I have tried many different healing techniques, but few have been as powerful as Emotional Freedom Technique – especially considering how easy and accessible it is. Getting hit by that Mack truck was tough, but soon I felt lighter and freer! Today I use this technique whenever an emotion threatens to overwhelm my well-being. In the car, on the phone, lying in bed, anytime and anywhere, EFT can help you tap it out.

Japa Kaur
Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Healing
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