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Playing with Fire

Senses of the Soul III

Anger is one of Nature’s ways of keeping you safe —yogically speaking, anger (agni) is the fire element that converts food into energy. Anger isn’t good or bad, it’s all in how you use it. Let’s study the uses of anger/power in your daily life in three forms: weakness, force and flow.

Weakness: Repressed Anger
Without the energy of anger, you’ll feel weak, incapable, helpless, victimized and hopeless, even though the life force of agni is always present. When repressed, anger emerges as resentment, passive aggression and self-defeating behavior.

The good news is you can safely access anger/power by strengthening your navel center with yoga, martial arts and exercise. Befriend your power in therapy and meditation. Use it to express needs, make requests and set healthy boundaries. Power and protection lie in using your voice, making choices and taking action.

Force: Expressed Anger
From the first emphatic “No!” in the “terrible two’s” you begin to learn about the use (and abuse) of anger. Expressed as rage and violence, force damages and destroys. Harnessed as determination and drive, this primal energy motivates effective action and accomplishment. By trial and error we learn that anger channeled into empowerment brings protection and peace. Learn to process anger consciously by understanding what is bothering you, discovering what you need and taking positive action to handle it.

Flow: Higher Power
Conscious use of power brings high levels of well-being, contentment, and generosity to serve others. Gratitude and humility follow, leading to the experience that the power is not yours, but moves through you. Allowing the universe to take care of you brings access to the power that moves the galaxies. This power cannot be gained by force, but is awakened by acceptance and trust in life’s flow.

Harnessing the energy of anger brings the ability to thrive within life’s challenges and enhances the opportunity to fulfill your life’s purpose. That freedom is the magnificent gift of anger. Use it wisely!

Gurumeher Singh Khalsa
Yogic Trainer and Life Coach

Meditation for Eliminating Anger Meditation for Eliminating Anger (264 KB)

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Recommended: Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins and The Gift of Anger by Marcia Cannon PhD


Jasvir commented on 01-Jun-2012 03:30 PM4 out of 5 stars

This was very informative, please could you add in some articles about eliminating attachments etc, and how to focus when meditating if you already haven't. Many thanks, Jasvir Kaur Khalsa

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