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Perceiving Potential

An Intention Statement Lights the Way

When you set out to formalize your hopes and aspirations for the future, the biggest challenge is distinguishing the difference between an intention and an expectation. An intention is an intuitive perception of future potential, fluid and without a definite timeline. An expectation is a story or fantasy we create in our mind, often with an outcome to which we become attached and usually having a definite due date. An intention tends to be more of a moving target or a direction, whereas an expectation is a particular destination.

It’s easy to be trapped in the illusion that your ego is your identity, uncomfortable and uncertain, convinced that events in life can be controlled. But your life can change at any moment. When you allow an intention to mutate into an expectation, you disconnect from intuition and are no longer adaptable in the unfolding present.

An Intention Statement is a written declaration of your perceived future. To write a successful Intention Statement, begin by opening to what is possible in your future – things that may not, as yet, be known to your limited self – things that may even be ignored or denied. Stated in the present and addressing your state of “being” rather than the acts of your “doing,” focus on how you want to “feel” in your intended future. An example might be: I am protected/guided/loved, filled with strength/health/ability and provided with all I need to be whole. Leave the timing and the details of how this will manifest to the Universe.

Next, from a state of neutrality, “weigh” each word to check the authenticity and origin of the thought expressed to be sure it is “aligned” with the “feel” of your intention. Then check whether the whole statement completely expresses the fullness of your intention and whether it resonates with your sense of who you are.

To fully declare to your self this new intention, read the statement aloud at least once a day. This will confirm within your psyche your determination to initiate positive change in your life. Hearing the words spoken aloud, you will stake a claim upon a new territory of your evolving self.

Pritpal Singh Khalsa
Life Coach, KRI Teacher-Trainer and Musician

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