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Peaceful Pregnancy

Nurturing Mother and Child

It has long been known by yogis—and science now agrees—that the length and quality of time babies spend in utero is highly influential, not just in terms of the obvious physical development but in emotional and mental well-being for both mother and child.

Before birth, babies feel and experience life through the filter of the mother, whose joys, fears, peace and stress all prepare the unborn child for the world that awaits. As mothers (and the families and communities that support them), we have the blessing and responsibility to encourage a relaxed and nurturing pregnancy for both mother and baby.

Rest and Relax
In addition to eating well and getting good sleep, it is important to practice the art of relaxation. Because sleep at night can be difficult in pregnancy, learn to take naps and practice deep relaxation. Not only will this increase the peace during pregnancy but these skills can be used during labor and in life with a newborn.

Get Moving
Walking daily builds muscles, reduces stress, and balances the brain. Make it a walking meditation by mentally chanting Sat Nam as you step with your left foot and Wahe Guru with the right. Three to five miles a day is a great preparation for birth – but any amount will help. Explore prenatal yoga, swimming, pregnancy water aerobics or even belly dancing!

Gather Support
Friendships are vital in the transition to motherhood. Find your tribe – other mothers with whom you can share the delights and the challenges. Kundalini Yoga has a tradition of honoring pregnant mothers on the 120th day of pregnancy (when the child’s soul is believed to enter its physical body). The community gathers to chant, meditate and uplift the mother, showering her with love and support.

Be sure to interview and carefully select your midwife or obstetrician. Investigate your options, consider what is important to you and find a care provider who will honor your birthing plans. If you are able, make arrangements for a 40-day postpartum “lying-in” with a doula or caretaker, to enjoy the special bonding that takes place during that time immediately after birth.

Enjoy the blessings
Pregnancy is an amazing and precious time. Keep sight of the blessings. Honor the life inside you and teach your child right from the beginning that they are loved and welcomed by this world. Nurturing your pregnancy will heal the world!

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Kewal K. Khalsa
Mother, Birth Doula, & Yoga Teacher

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