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Path of the Empath

From Victim to Victory

The Greeks coined the term empatheia to describe the concept of suffering with another’s pain. A person who is deeply sensitive to the emotions of those around them is often called an “empath.” Empaths are warm, kind people who, as children, may have been considered “overly sensitive" and told to "toughen up."

Entering into the Aquarian age we are becoming multi-sensory beings; being emapthic is one of the senses many are awakening within themselves or have had since birth. As an empath, I have had an intense journey towards understanding the gift I have been given. I want to offer new ways for acknowledging and working with the challenges involved, while honoring the courage it takes to walk the path of the empath.

Over the years, I have tried many techniques to shield, cleanse, release and protect myself against unwanted energies. I realized I was making the world my enemy, intensely judging everything as right and wrong, good versus evil. On the other hand, being an empath has been an amazing tool as a healer. Being empathic has opened the way for me to help others and to recognize the common bonds with those who come to me for healing.

After deep contemplation, I discovered some techniques that help me on a daily basis to honor my journey. I recommend this for anyone who is sensitive or when you want to remove negativity from your day. First, clear yourself with a sea salt mineral bath. Use the unscented salts so you don’t overload your sensory organs. Take time as you soak to decompress and release with long deep breaths. Follow the soak with a nourishing lotion and pamper yourself.

Daily yoga and meditation will keep you centered, and allow you to “own” your emotional life and physical sensations. Free yourself of judgment, in concert with a universal shift from duality into unity consciousness. Instead of judging, which creates an emotional charge, use your awareness to help you understand where healing is needed. This also helps you to set your own boundaries.

The way out of judgment flows through the heart—practicing yoga and meditation opens both your physical and energetic heart centers. Living from the sacred space of your heart activates and strengthens you; this field of light surrounds and protects you, allowing you to live from a space of love. May you use your empathic gifts to love, nurture and heal!

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Aad Guray Nameh Meditation for Protection

Founder, Narayan Sacred Healing Beauty
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