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If an apple a day keeps the doctor away and a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then raw honey is a blissfully sweet preventative miracle! It’s good for the taste buds, the tummy and the soul. Nutritionally, raw honey is jam packed with antioxidants to keep your immune system strong. Plenty of carbohydrates provide you with easily accessible energy that will sustain you over a few hours. Most raw honey also has plenty of healthy bacteria to help digestion move along.

Honey has even been shown to have a strong ergogenic aid, which means that it increases the efficiency of muscle repair. This is beneficial for everyone with an active lifestyle, not just athletes! Medicinally, honey can be used as a topical gel for wounds and burns. Made of glucose and fructose, honey has absorptive properties. It pulls the moisture from the wound, preventing bacterial growth.

When the raw honey is local, your body will grow more accustomed to the local allergens. This helps to alleviate those sneezy, sniffly, itchy summer and spring time annoyances. Many people have claimed that it is also a natural mood enhancer.

To maximize the benefits from honey, try to find it in raw form. Do not heat it. And don’t be thrown off by the foggy appearance of raw honey. That cloudiness is what honey is supposed to look like! It is the natural appearance of unfiltered honey. And if it still looks unappetizing, just imagine all those buzzing bees putting all their lives’ work into that bottle. All their toil and the ingredients they’ve added are swirling together in a wondrous natural crystallization. So enjoy nature’s work!

You can mix room temperature water or rice milk with honey and cinnamon for a refreshing drink. When adding honey to your tea, be sure that the water is not at the boiling point. Drizzle raw honey on your oatmeal or cold cereal. Mix it with olive oil and vinegar to make salad dressing. Put honey in a smoothie or on a scoop of ice cream to bring more nutrients into your sweet treat. Heck, just take a spoonful! It’s delicious!

Skylor Powell
Holistic Health Counselor & Yoga Instructor
My Yoga Nutrition

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