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Mapping the Face

Tension-Taming Massage

Foot reflexology maps 72,000 nerve endings and pressure points on the bottom of the feet that, when correctly pressurized and stimulated, have the capacity to heal all parts of the body. Did you know that the face holds the other end of these nerves and pressure points?

Facial reflexology, also known as Dien Chan, maps 503 facial pressure points on the face that correlate to the mind, body organs, nervous system, skeletal and muscular systems, as well as the chakras along the Chinese meridian lines. Stimulating these points allows blocked energy to flow.

You can experience whole-body healing through the face resulting in facial rejuvenation and acne treatment as well as releasing stuck energy through the body, mind and spirit. You will feel refreshed, uplifted and radiant from the inside out! Here are a few areas you can stimulate with a gentle tapping using the tips of your fingers to release the tension and emotions stored in the face, as well as release blocked energy in the body.

  • Gently tap the eyebrow area to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and help release lines that form and age your face as a result of focusing too intently on the computer and squinting. 

  • Gently tap your cheek area where the energy of the “social mask” is stored. While tapping, see what social crutches and issues you can release and replace with a positive affirmation or mantra. 

  • Gently tapping the soft tissue around the eyes stimulates a sluggish digestion.

  • Finally, tapping the area around the mouth works on pressure points related to the ovaries and uterus. Stimulating this area can relieve cramping and bring balance to an “off” menstrual cycle.

You display who you are on your face, word by word, action by action, thought by thought. Try some face reflexology today and be kind and gentle to yourself from the outside in!

Narayan Sacred Healing Beauty
Founder of Faceology Holistic Facial Treatment

Recommended: Facial Reflexology: A Self-Care Manual by Marie-France Muller ND. N.D. Ph.D.


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