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Mantra for the Heart

Sacred Sound Current - Part I

Mantra means "projection of the mind." In the book Raja Yoga, Swami Vivekananda speaks about how the entire universe is made up of mind waves or vibration. Through the technology of sound current using sacred mantras, it is possible to affect the universe. When you chant a mantra with the intention of healing yourself and others, you create a powerful vibration of love and devotion, which can uplift the entire planet.

As a musician and singer in the genre of world sacred music, it is my great blessing to work very closely with mantras and to witness their wonderful, transformative power. My own introduction to mantra took place at my first Kundalini yoga class in Boston during the early '70s. At the end of class, a young man with an orange turban pulled out a nylon string guitar and began to sing the mantra Guru Guru, Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru.

I had no understanding of what the mantra meant or what the words were. But as soon as he began to sing, tears poured out of me. I had no idea why. Somehow this sound current connected to something inside of me that I had never experienced before; it opened my heart. I think they call those kinds of tears the nectar of devotion. That's what got me started on the spiritual path.

Mantras enrich your daily yoga practice. When you've finished your asana practice and meditation, sit quietly or relax in Shivasana while you listen to devotional music.

One of my favorite practices is to immerse myself in the mantra Sat Nam, which can be translated as "true name." It works very well with long, deep breathing. On the inhale, mentally chant the syllable "saaat." And then on the exhale, mentally chant "naaam." You don't have to chant out loud. It's enough just to sound it in your mind. If you catch your mind wandering, gently bring it back to the mantra. It will help keep your mind focused and firm.

GuruGanesha Singh
Musician, Yogi, Founder of Spirit Voyage Records

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LOVE Guru Ganesha!

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