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Relationship Yoga II

Just as yoga helps you tune in and stretch yourself mentally and physically, as well as heal you on a deep level, in a yogic relationship it’s essential to stay connected with your partner on a soul level in order to keep love vital and healthy. Nurturing the love connection—that’s part of the “yoga of relationships.”

While we stay busy with our careers, family, personal pursuits and health issues, it is important to invest some time and energy into the relationships with the people we cherish. It’s easy to slowly drift apart among the “stuff” that continually flows in and out of our busy lives.

Even though a special date night or weekend away can give you precious space to really enjoy being together again, those times may not come on a regular basis. So how can you “work out” the kinks in-between those special times together? Is there a way to maintain your ease at reconnecting with each other—just as your body stays flexible when you stretch between yoga classes?

Acknowledging and experiencing the deep bond you share while in the midst of your daily activities keeps your connection vibrant. Savor the opportunities for a few moments of intimacy. Enjoy a full-body hug before rolling out of bed in the morning. Share a morning shower together, hold hands while running errands, or offer one another an unexpected neck or foot massage.

Immerse yourselves in a real embrace—relish the feeling of holding your partner and being held while you allow the rhythm of your breathing to synchronize. Or, try eye gazing—looking deeply into each other’s eyes with a willingness to see and be seen.

Mentally let go of all the accumulated “stuff” in your lives and any thoughts that arise as you soak up that sweet feeling of being two people in love. If you only have 20 seconds, how about a passionate 20-second kiss?

Celebrating your connection between date nights brings that divine quality of true intimacy into all aspects of your life. Because, at its heart, a relationship isn’t about what you do together. It’s about who you are together.

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