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Yoga-Themed Birthdays

Want to do something unique for your child’s next birthday party? How about a yoga party? A yoga-themed party gives your child (and the birthday guests) a fun way to get exercise, practice breathing, do routines to music, work together as a group or with partners, have relaxation time and make some healthy drinks to go along with the yoga theme.

Incorporate your child’s favorite activities into their yoga party—have them pick a theme such as animals (lion pose, cat/cow, crow pose, frog pose), outer space (sun, half moon, star, spaceships, etc.), a travel theme (bicycle, boat, airplane, bridge), or a nature theme (tree, river, flower, bee). Take pictures of the yogis doing their favorite yoga poses. Use the photos as part of a thank note or email.

Guests should wear loose fitting clothing and bring a yoga mat (or you can supply a few). You may want to purchase some children’s yoga cards with both individual and partner poses. This will allow the kids to choose which pose they would like to do and to bring partners together for poses. You may also want to purchase kids’ yoga /music CDs, or download kids’ yoga music tracks for a yoga “musical chairs” or Simon Says game.

Another fun way to celebrate the birthday/yoga theme: Have the kids do candle pose (shoulder stand) and allow the birthday person to “blow out” each candle by blowing on friends’ upward feet. Everyone can try blowing up balloons, or blowing bubbles to create a festive mood, while learning to practice yoga breathing.

For relaxation, have the children lay on their mats with calm music playing in the background. The adult leader can create a guided imagery which correlates with the party theme and include how the adult enjoyed seeing each person (and naming them), while mentioning any positive behaviors that were observed.

After relaxation, bring the kids to the kitchen to help make a tasty fruit smoothie. Serve healthy snacks, and don’t forget the birthday cake decorated according to the theme. The possibilities for a kids’ yoga party are endless!

Kids love Bug Yoga!

Linda Lara
Creator of Musical Yoga Adventures CD (with Suzy Frank)

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Nicole commented on 22-Nov-2011 05:07 AM3 out of 5 stars

Great article. I especially liked the part about savasana and acknowledging positive behaviors! Thanks for this!

Lisa Flynn commented on 05-Dec-2011 06:51 PM4 out of 5 stars

Nice article and ideas! For more on kids' yoga parties, see also this post titled, Yoga Birthday Party 911 via The Kids' Yoga Resource:

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