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Little Buddhas

The Wisdom of Children

My youngest daughter has not yet learned to talk, yet she instructs me every day on how to live in the present. She isn't lost in the past or the future; every fiber of her being is right here in the moment and she asks the same of me. Her older sister is a relentless reflection of my life, showing me my strengths, weaknesses and unresolved issues. It's not easy living with “spiritual teachers,” but between the two of them, each day is full of opportunity for intensive growth.

As parents, living in the world, shouldering responsibilities and raising your children, you sometimes forget who you are dealing with. Yes, you are privileged to teach your children and help them learn the ways of human life. But these souls have also come to teach you. Parenthood provides an amazing spiritual journey – an opportunity to confront your personal issues and move beyond. You just can't get away with much when there is a small, insistent mirror in your face.

Love for your children can be so consuming - and their uncanny ability to provoke you so exact - that they often can get you to deal with things that no one else can. If I am replaying old patterns from my childhood, my daughters reveal it. When I react in anger, they show me where I still have work to do. If I am afraid to deal with conflict in the adult world, they inspire me to stand firm, because I will do what is best for them, even if it requires me to transcend my own fears. In the midst of the diaper changing, school obligations and temper tantrums, there is a life rich with spiritual lessons.

So when you look your child in the eyes, see what is there in the light reflecting back at you. Those are the eyes of a teacher. They give lessons in unconditional love, the spirit of play and sometimes, they serve as hard-core teachers chiseling at your rough, unsightly spots. As tough as that can be, it is truly the chance of a lifetime.

Kewal K. Khalsa
Writer, Yoga Teacher & Birth Doula
Recommended CD: Divine Birth by Snatam Kaur Khalsa


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Wonderful! Thank you

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