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Your Inner Child is Speaking

Energies can get stuck. Our emotions can get out of balance. What do we do then? Maybe there is a little voice inside us that is asking for more, asking if it's okay to do something else—change the plan, do what is important to you and not someone else. In doing that, it might go against your personality, the part of you that likes to make people happy, does what is expected. Maybe what is expected is watching TV at night with your partner because that's what you do. Maybe it's spending the day with your children or grandchildren, when you really want to do something for yourself.

Often, that little voice inside is an inner child. The second chakra is related to our inner 2-5 yr. old. It's also the place where our creativity and feelings about who we are in life reside. If that voice is crying out to do something that would make you happy, it's a good voice to listen to. It may sound like a young voice and may connect you to child-like happiness. That's a step in the right direction.

What is your signal that you're not listening to that voice inside? Do you reach for something to eat? Do you get angry or tired, even as a young child might if she didn't get her way? See if you can start to be an observer of those voices inside, just to notice what they're saying. And, yes, there's more than one. Some of the other voices are other aspects of your personality, like the responsible one, or the task master. We all have different voices that we listen to. Just try to give that inner child, connected to your creativity, an equal vote about what you do in life!

Andrea Beaudoin
Life Coaching, Energy Anatomy, Transformation, Personal Development
Align Your Energy

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Marie commented on 30-Nov-2009 07:45 AM4 out of 5 stars

I am learning to listen to that voice, as well as being true to myself with the help of Andrea of Align Your Energy.

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