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Let It Go

Clarify for Contentment

Sit down in a quiet place and tune into yourself, specifically bringing your attention to the stress in your life. Notice how it makes you feel and ask yourself – am I willing to let it go? Even if your internal answer is “No,” raising the question begins the process of releasing the emotion or issue. Other relevant questions are: Will I allow myself to have this feeling? Can I welcome this feeling? Would I rather have this feeling or not? When, or under what circumstances, would I be willing to release it?

In working with myself or clients, I also ask what the situation would be like if that thought or feeling no longer existed. It can take time to figure out, but while you are putting yourself mentally into this new place, you’re actually doing the work to release past traumas and unhelpful patterns. When you finally imagine it, you’ve already done the majority of the releasing. Your mind will see and your body will feel what it would be like not to have that unhelpful thought around any longer.

Once, I was frustrated because my adult child was not taking responsibility for himself. I spent time worrying and getting upset about the life he was creating. By using these tools, I soon realized I needed to detach myself from the issue. I consciously let go of my wish to control the outcome in my son’s life. Ultimately, he is responsible for himself and needs to learn these lessons for himself in order to grow. In doing so, I realized that in the past this desire has often made things worse between us. In other words, I was able to more fully own my responsibilities as a mother.

Eventually, and with practice, this process brings you further insight. You will become empowered to do things differently. You will set better boundaries and more realistic expectations. In short, not only will this simple practice greatly improve your quality of life by helping you deal with overpowering emotions and intense situations, it will also improve how you feel, making you lighter, more joyous and grateful.

Andrea Beaudoin
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