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Keep the Love of Your Life

Relationship Secrets II

Once you meet a potential partner, what happens next? It’s just as important to keep working on yourself when you are in a relationship as it is when you are hoping to find the “perfect match.” Especially for women, there is a tendency to focus all of your energy on your partner. However, it is of utmost importance to keep focused on yourself and all the important things in your life. This is a critical time, and you will need all of your resources to to handle the emotional ups and downs of courtship. By staying clear on your needs as well as your partner's, you will be able to use your intuition and discernment to protect yourself from anyone who is not worthy of your love. Learn to trust your instincts before becoming emotionally or physically intimate.

It’s also important to maintain a commitment—to yourself and to your future partner—that you will act with integrity, truth and grace. In this way, it will be revealed whether this person is your life partner or not, and those who are not (or who are not ready), will be revealed as well. If this is not the one, you will be one step closer to the love of your life because you have worked on yourself, your half of true love, and you have practiced being a good partner.

Take the steps of due diligence to understand your new partner’s past issues, present concerns and future goals. Before there is marriage or children or other things that cannot be undone, review each other’s finances (credit scores, debt, bank accounts), understand your past relationships and what did and didn’t work and talk about future expectations. Take enough time that you can see who this person truly is (and who you are in this relationship) so that you will make a choice with your mind, body, heart and soul, and not just one of these parts of you.

Then, let all things unfold naturally. As my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, said to me, “Slow and steady wins the race, especially with love and marriage.” Do not force the process of love; as with everything, it is a journey. Once you have met your true love, nurture the affection and trust you both share. Eat together, play together and pray together. Make your life about “we” rather than just “me.” Enjoy the challenges and the victories. Be grateful and rejoice!

Part 1 of this series: Find the Love of Your Life

Adarsh Kaur Khalsa
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Businesswoman
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