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In a yoga stretch, you tune into your body and become aware of your edge—that place where you open up and challenge your muscles, without overstretching or pushing into pain. In every pose, you always have an edge, even if you’ve been practicing for years. Once you’ve found your edge, you breathe into it to expand those muscles a little more. As you continue to breathe and relax, your body opens up to new possibilities and you feel energized and alive.

How does this relate to relationships? Recent research into long-term relationships confirms that novelty is essential for keeping romance alive. New experiences cause the body to produce the same exhilarating hormones that are activated when we fall in love. So, to expand in your relationship, as in yoga, learn to play at your edges together. Continually expanding your relationship, even in small ways, stimulates your connection with the energy of life.

Experiment with unfamiliar activities with your partner—especially if they make you a little nervous or apprehensive! Expand your comfort zones with hula hooping, rock climbing or hip-hop yoga class. Join in a drum circle, climb a tree, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Or, consider taking an excursion where each of you walks sightless for a while. If you’re being led, put your trust in your partner and your attention on your senses. Describe the sounds, smells, and sensations you’re noticing. If you're leading, guide your partner into the experience by asking, “What are you feeling? What do you hear? How does the air feel on your skin?”

By intentionally playing at your edges with your partner, you create opportunities to move into that sweet, rich place of deeper connection. As an added bonus, when you try new experiences together, you can’t help but have a new experience of each other!

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn
Authors, The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships
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