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Traveling with Kids

Fun…adventure…and sometimes a little bit of crazy. When you travel with kids, chances are you’ll experience it all at some point. Whether you are embarking on a short trek or an international journey, there are plenty of fun ways to engage young minds and keep everyone happy while en route.

Yogic tools like breath of fire and stretch pose can help keep you, the parent, centered and energized. Try alternate nostril breathing for balance and calming. Use airport layovers or gas fill-ups as a chance to stretch, do yoga (try some frog pose!) and explore. These are good opportunities for adults and kids alike to get their wiggles out. While new landscapes might engage kids for a while, it is helpful to plan ahead and have things available to entertain and comfort. Here are a few travel tips to consider:

Snacks galore: Brings your child’s favorite healthy snacks and add in a few new granola bars or dried fruits. Remember napkins or wet wipes for clean up.

Books: Pack books that your child has not read before. Get a stack from the library or purchase from a used bookstore.

Games: Travel games like “I Spy” have long entertained kids on road trips. When kids need independent play, consider small projects like coloring, magnet mosaics or paper dolls.

Rest: Encourage rest by playing relaxing music and offering a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. If possible, honor nap schedules.

Songs: Pop on some kid-friendly music and sing along for uplifting fun.

Preparation: Pack band-aids for unexpected ouches and any homeopathics or remedies that your family relies on if sickness strikes. Boost Vitamin C (we like Emergen-C packets) to support your immune system. If you have any sensitive stomachs in your group, reuse small paper bags by lining with plastic produce bags – they can be used in a pinch for motion sickness or simply as trash bags.

Sense of humor: Don’t leave home without it!

Ask around and see what other parents have to suggest. Friends can be a wealth of wisdom and creativity. Share your ideas and make your own traditions. Adventure awaits!

Kewal K. Khalsa
Mother, Birth Doula, & Yoga Teacher

Recommended: Feeling Good Today! (CD) by Snatam Kaur and 100 Things for Little Children to Do on a Trip (Activity Cards) by Catriona Clarke


Tammy commented on 12-May-2011 05:58 AM5 out of 5 stars

A friend of mine recently brought along a bag of multi-colored pipe cleaners, which reportedly kept her twin 4 year-olds nicely occupied for quite a while. They each made a long hanging sculpture that hung from the clothes hooks at the top of each window.
It was hanging from their porch when I visited last.

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