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Yoga for Fertility

For couples longing to conceive, fertility is a juicy topic. Yoga offers many tools that can help you prepare mentally, physically and emotionally for the journey to parenthood. Here are some yogic tips for finessing fertility:

Yoga Postures
In Kundalini Yoga, many yoga sets help balance creative energy, increase radiance and open the heart. Poses that open the groin, lower body and hips can be beneficial. Any relaxing yoga practice can support stress release and acceptance. Try individual yoga poses such as:

• Reclining Bound Angle (supta baddha konasana) to free the energy flow in the pelvic area
• Legs Up the Wall (viparita karani) to soothe the kidneys and adrenals and encourage hormonal balance
• Bridge Pose (setu bandhasana) for therapeutic effects on the reproductive system

Meditation & Mantra
Meditation facilitates more conscious conception, pregnancy and parenthood. Prior to conceiving, meditation can help you feel more at ease, receptive and openhearted. Mantra chanting is beneficial in the fertility process as well. Some women enjoy visualizing the sounds or vibrations moving into their womb, making the space receptive and welcoming motherhood through intention. Try chanting or playing mantras that inspire connection to the sacred feminine, like Adi Shakti or an expression of ecstasy such as Wahe Guru.

Relaxation is a vital component for soothing the nervous system, creating emotional and mental calm, releasing stress and opening yourself to parenthood. If conception is a challenge, shift the majority of your yoga practice to restorative poses to cool the body. This is an important principle for enhancing fertility from the perspectives of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. Avoid heated, vigorous yoga practice and exercise that raises the heart rate above 110 beats per minute.

As you prepare to welcome a soul into your family, treat yourself well. Eat nutritious foods, get rest and embrace practices that keep you feeling relaxed, receptive and at ease. Create in yourself an open, loving, healthy home to bring forth the next generation in joy and peace.

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Kewal K. Khalsa
Mother, Birth Doula, & Yoga Teacher

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