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Take a Yoga Break

If you have been thinking about doing yoga with your kids, or kids in general, now is the time to start. Yoga is a great activity for parents and children to do together, with the child motivating the parent as much as the parent motivating the child. If you are a teacher, yoga provides a nice break during the school day, giving kids a chance to relieve stress and excess energy. Engage them in taking deep breaths, chanting and elongating some sounds, and doing a few poses that don’t require a mat.

Yoga meets us where we are. For kids, this is one avenue where they can be non-competitive. It allows them the freedom to express themselves, with no pressure. It allows them to be unique; by starting young, this gift can inspire them throughout their lives.

To adapt to short attention spans and allow kids to love yoga, try using stuffed animals that coordinate with their yoga poses; put a small stuffed animal on your child’s tummy while she is lying down. Then tell her to take deep breaths, and she can move the animal up and down while practicing her breathing. Use a bendable action figure to help “teach” a yoga pose to the child. Find books or tell stories related to the themes and poses you and your child are practicing.

Finally, music is so important in making the adventure more meaningful, and related props add to the fun. Sing a song about the sun and use a hanging sun and sun glasses. Celebrate nature with colored leaves, flowers and snowflakes, animal masks and costumes, butterfly wings and antennae, scarves and ribbons, and musical instruments. Let out your own inner child as you share your love with children. Take a yoga break and enjoy some kid time!

Linda Lara
Teacher, Creator of Musical Yoga Adventures (CD) with Suzy Frank
Musical Yoga Adventures

Book recommendation: Peaceful Piggy Meditation by Kerry Lee MacLean

CD Recommendation: I Grow With Yoga by Sammie Haynes and Lisa Flynn


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