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Find the Love of Your Life

Relationship Secrets I

Have you met the love of your life? Is there a secret to finding the person with whom you are madly in love and can live with every day? If you are in a relationship, how can you revitalize some of the energy of courtship and nurture the bond your soul has attracted? There are a few ways to engage yourself to be the person most likely to find and keep "the love of your life."

First, you must work on yourself on all levels. Develop your career and talents, serve your community, and create a strong network of friends and family. In every relationship, you are always half of a whole and you are the part that you can control. Develop awareness about who you attract, how you react and what you say and do. No matter how wonderful the other person is, all can be lost if you are not able to hold up your half of the bargain.

Have you ever noticed that similar issues arise for you in your significant relationships? Do you commonly feel jealousy or insecurity? Do you seem to attract partners who aren’t loyal or don’t treat you right? Dig deep inside and shine a light on your relationship issues. Understand whether you are attracting the wrong kind of person or if you tend to repeat a fear cycle when your relationships reach a certain point that is scary for you on some level.

You can also draw insight from Mother Nature. In your relationships, are you typically the “flower” or the “bee?” Do you make the first move and initiate actions or are you more passive, using your subtle communication and physical presence to attract others? One way to “mix things up” (even in a long-term relationship that needs a little re-energizing) is to try a new approach. Observe yourself in your relationships and be willing to take steps outside of your comfort zone. See who suddenly appears or even discover who has been there for you all along!

Adarsh Kaur Khalsa
Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Businesswoman
Celestial Communication with Adarsh
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Sat Sang commented on 24-Jan-2011 01:28 PM5 out of 5 stars

As the beneficiary of the love of the author's life, I would just add, she is always right, and she is the most beautiful, talented, graceful shakti woman!

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