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Family Yoga

A Gift for Any Season

Why yoga for children? Twenty-five years ago, that question was most likely asked about martial arts. Now there are classes for children at martial arts studios around every corner. Like the martial arts, yoga develops many wonderful qualities in children beside the obvious benefits of exercising the physical body. Yoga sharpens their ability to calm down and focus. It cultivates confidence and self-discipline.

More and more professionals who work with Sensory Processing Disorders, such as autism, learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD are being trained in children’s yoga with great results.There is a natural affinity between these children and yoga, since yoga addresses the whole child, including the brain/body connection and organizes the nervous system.

Children are so fresh and creative in their approach to life. Yoga encourages their creativity to flow, their fears, anger and sadness to release, their trust in the inner self to shine, their minds and hearts to be in sync.                                   

  • Create a special time of the day for yoga. Take some time in the morning or evening, and follow it with a deep relaxation.

  • Make a special yoga space using a small table or covered box. Have your child decorate it with objects that have special meaning.

  • Begin by closing your eyes, and taking a few deep breaths to center yourself, or use a “yoga sound.”

  • How long to do yoga? With preschoolers, ten to fifteen minutes is a good start. Elementary-age children can easily practice yoga for twenty minutes. Remember to start simply and build the practice slowly.

  • F-U-N, these three little letters are so important. For young children, make up yoga stories using animal poses. For the older ones, challenge them using a timer.  Reach them using your creativity and light-hearted humor.                                   

Get ready for lots of pleasant surprises, fun and great blessings from sharing yoga with your children!

Shakta Kaur Khalsa
Women’s yoga, health, and beauty
Childrens Yoga
Author, Fly Like A Butterfly: Yoga for Children


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