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The key to successful cleansing is to understand why you eat, what you eat and when you eat. This knowledge helps you build a new awareness around food. Eating consciously is a lifestyle and not a diet. Cleansing is long-term process of eating whole foods over a significant period of time and even a lifetime. To a lot of folks, this may not sound like cleansing compared to some of the “quick fixes” out there.

It’s possible that you have heard about cleansing or have tried one or two. Maybe you embarked on the famous "lemonade diet" hoping you would lose weight, feel great and clean your system up in a mere 7-10 days. Even if these things happened, they may not have lasted. Did you keep the weight off or did it creep back on? Did that good feeling you had stay with you? Did you learn how to eat properly to keep your body balanced and happy?

If you want to keep your system in check and purring like a well-oiled machine, kick-start your system with a vegan cleanse. Free of everyday toxins like caffeine, sugar and alcohol, your body will begin to heal, regulate and find its natural energy and weight.

Some cleansing tips:
• Eat less animal products
• Reduce caffeine intake and drink herbal tea or grain beverages
• Drink lots of water (at least 1 liter per 50 lbs. of body weight per day)
• Cut back on sugary foods and find alternative sweeteners
• Eat raw, leafy greens like kale or swiss chard to help clean out your intestinal tract
• Exercise and break a sweat every day to release toxins through the skin
• Listen to what your body needs, not what your cravings want
• Practice regular deep breathing

In order to experience optimal health, these few small daily changes will set you up for bigger changes down the road. I love to use the term "baby steps" because we all had to crawl before we walked. Eventually, these little steps will lead up to a big run and positive habits will be formed over a lifetime of good eating. Salud!

Melissa Costello
Certified Wellness Coach, Certified Wellness Coach, Healthy Food Chef, Founder of Karma Chow, Author of The Karma Chow Ultimate Cookbook: 125+ Delectable Plant-Based Vegan Recipes for a Fit, Happy, Healthy You
Yogamint Food & Flow Chef
Karma Chow Cleanse

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Josy commented on 04-Jul-2011 05:08 AM5 out of 5 stars

I have since 2 months (maybe a little more) stopped coffee, red meat and gluten for the most part. Eating more beans and soy products. My sleep is better and my body seems to have all the energy and more required for all my activities. Alcohol is my downfall.
I do so enjoy my glass of wine with supper. One cannot be perfect but I strive...

mary commented on 06-Jul-2011 12:34 PM4 out of 5 stars

Let's all keep at least one vice lest we become too prissy. Enjoy the wine...they say it assists the digestion.

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