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Acne comes and goes through various times in life. Identifying its cause is multi-layered. As a facial reflexologist, I start by looking at the client’s emotional life. With teenagers, acne’s most common causes are low self-esteem, the fear of not being accepted for who you are and the inability to fully express yourself at what feels like the most crucial time in your life.

Adult acne is usually brought on by stress, including thinking you should be somewhere other than where you are right now. Stress throws the body into “fight or flight,” releasing hormones affecting the natural balance of oils in the skin.

I also take a look at where the breakouts occur (i.e. a “map” of the acne). Acne below the bottom lip at the corners of the mouth indicates the digestion points on the face. Cheek bones correlate to the solar plexus, relating to fear of self-expression, causing tension in the jaw area. Acne on the left and right side of the chin is usually PMS-related. Acne along the brow and forehead indicates anger, frustration and over-thinking.

Poor digestion or an abundance of yeast in the digestive tract can all contribute to acne. Eliminating yeast-causing foods such as breads, pastas and dairy, plus taking oregano oil capsules can calm the acne in a short time. Along with l-tyrosine amino acids, this combo of supplements works on both teenage and adult acne. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily and herbal digestion teas can bring the acne to a minimum in just a couple of weeks.

Essential oils are great for treating acne in its various causes, working on the emotional, physical/topical and spirit level. Clove oil calms the muscles of the face and is anti-acne and anti-aging. Grapefruit essential oil is cleansing, purifying and uplifts the spirit.

See the attached PDF file for some of my easy-to-make home recipes for an acne face wash and herbal spot paste.

Natural Acne Care Recipes Natural Acne Care Recipes (42 KB)

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