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Easy Being Green

Reuse, Recycle, Redistribute

Why go green? A great way to think about this “hot” topic is to look at the basic needs of human beings: shelter, fire, water and food. For example, the concept of reuse and recycle plays out not just with paper, plastic and glass. You can also “green” your wardrobe by buying clothing made from organic renewable resources such as hemp or by re-purposing old clothes into rags or wearing them for gardening or exercise clothes. Consider trading outfits with a friend for a new wardrobe (hold a clothing swap with a group of friends). You can also give clothing away to your local thrift shop or charity. Reuse, recycle and redistribute.

How can you green your home? Shopping-in-the-green begins by looking at the infrastructure of your dwelling place. Where does the energy to power your house come from? Here are some options for a greener home: Look into investing in solar paneling; switch over to LED lights (they last longer and conserve more energy). Insulate your pipes for better heat retention. How about your bathroom or kitchen? It is intrinsically linked to the third element in the hierarchy of needs—water. Water is a sacred commodity on our planet. This “blue gold” calls for serious attention to conserve this precious element. Some options: Buy a low-flush toilet or have two buttons installed; one for liquid and one for solids. Get a water filter for your tap. Reduce consumption of bottled water.

Finally…to food (and all the personal products you consume). Naturally, growing a garden is a great way to go green. Patronize your local farmer’s market (bring your own bags) and consider the consumption of personal hygiene and cleaning products. Do some research on products and businesses to see who is innovating and making it possible to use healthy products that are earth-friendly. Consider using cloth menstrual pads and make your own cleaning products from lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda. Shopping green means choosing products that nourish your inner and outer environments. Shop green for your body, your family and your home, and recognize how your shopping decisions directly and indirectly affect our planet and those who inhabit it. Go Green!

Simeon Darwick / Satmukh
Health Counselor
Joyfulness for Fitness
Laughter Yoga 
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