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Dying to Life

Inspect Before You React

Wise sages have said that to be truly free, you have to be “dead to this life.” How does that work? How can you die while still alive? Think of it this way: what causes pain? What makes you suffer? What gets you down? When do you feel anger, greed, and unhappiness?

For many, liveliness means reacting to events and people and things. You perceive an event was not right and react accordingly. It is true for minor, personal events as well as wars and earthquakes. You put your personal charge – in the electrical sense - into what you see and judge it by that limited scale. But when you are totally universal— when you see the whole— no reaction is necessary.

Like in a movie, when the heroine is wrongfully betrayed, you might feel for her, but you don’t go up to the screen and try to make things better. Perhaps the story isn’t over yet. Maybe the betrayal will lead her to a wonderful experience. The point is, you can’t know. So when you are “dead to life” there is no reaction. You only take notice.

So, stop reacting! Count to ten. When you do so, a stillness and a peace will come to you. How precious! You are released from the bonds of your own reactions. Then, watch your “inaction.” Wait. Let things develop. What was a great cause yesterday might not be worth the argument today. Eventually the dust settles (though it might take decades). You begin to see things and people as they really are, unfettered by your lopsided perceptions.

Eventually, out of that self-inspection – and with self discipline – comes True Action. These actions are from within, having their origin in the stillness at your center. Then your life becomes a movie: you see and feel and hear but don’t react. You are “dead” to the lies of this life, the emotions and commotions that distort the divine light, the essence within.

Siri Pritam Khalsa, M.A.  Owner
Sierra Injury & Sports Rehab Inc., Yuba City
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Anonymous commented on 01-May-2010 02:24 AM5 out of 5 stars

How very true! Thank you~Namaste...

Karen commented on 22-Apr-2011 12:12 AM4 out of 5 stars

That's very thought-provoking: die out of illusion into reality. Isn't it gorgeous that we can describe the process as both "dying" and "awakening," as becoming truly alive to our world?

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