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Dare to Dream

Yoga Revelation 2

When you are a child, it’s easy to dream big about what you might accomplish someday. It doesn’t cross the beginner’s mind to dwell on the necessary efforts, or fear of possible failure when pursuing big goals. In the young mind’s eye, the mission is complete. As you grow up, “reality” steps in and dreaming often fades. It is easy for the logical mind to override the dreamer’s mind. In my experience, yoga can re-open that space for dreams.

Just think—you needed a conscious will (and a little curiosity) in order to step on the yoga mat for the first time. Undoubtedly, the benefits became evident fairly quickly. You began training your mind through breathing and then linked the breath to movement—all taking conscious effort. Off the mat, you can use this strengthening of your conscious effort to be able to take the necessary steps to manifest your dreams.

T.K.V. Desikachar said: “In stages, the impossible becomes possible.” Flexibility of the body contributes to a more flexible mind. Pursue flexibility in your dreams to regain a child’s mindset of possible goals. The “edges” are much further! Start the journey toward your life dreams by writing them down. Start simple and get ready for the list to expand. Use your practice to “make the impossible become possible.”

Dream of skydiving? Practice Warrior 3 as if you are balancing in flight. Dream of traveling to a special place? Practice Boat as if you are on your way to your destination. You might find yourself engaging your core or sense your arms reaching out a bit further. Dream of learning a new skill? Stay in a pose longer and really feel what is going on within you. Notice details of engaged muscles, the heart beat, or subtle sensations when adjusting in micro-units. Increased perception of details reminds the mind it can learn more.

Breathe in courage to pursue, while you exhale doubts. Ignite your imagination to use a pose as a source to manifest “the impossible.”

Responsibilities and dreams can co-exist. Balance and determination are key practices to experience both. You’re never too old to practice yoga and the same applies to dreams. Some of the greatest achievements happen in your later years. Walt Disney said: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” May all your dreams come true!

Valerie Goodman
E-RYT, Owner of Yoga Revelation

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