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Cultivating Kids

Inspiring a Love for Veggies

Are you one of the millions of parents that have to bribe your kids to eat veggies?  Getting your kid to eat green things can be impossible or easy, depending on how you approach it when they first start eating. Here are four simple steps to take to guarantee your kids make healthy food choices without a fight.

1.  Model Healthy Behavior: This is the most important thing you can do. As kids begin to make sense of the world around them, they look to adults to learn how to behave.  When they see their parents enjoying broccoli, spinach, or even blue-green algae, they figure they might as well enjoy it too!

2.Grow Your Food as a Family: Even if you only have a small backyard, it's still possible to plant a garden. Just a few pots in a sunny window can grow herbs and lettuce. Kids love to be a part of the action, and when they see plants grow from seed to carrot, they will want to pull it up and eat it. And, of course, freshly harvested vegetables are not only more fun, they're more nutritious and delicious! 

3.  Cook Together: Kids love to help in the kitchen. They feel pride in preparing meals, just as they do in coloring a picture. They want to show it off and enjoy it with everyone. It's easy to put kids, even the very little ones, on a stool beside you while you're preparing a meal. They can stir, mash, and blend with the best of 'em.

4.  Keep the Junk Out of the House: When there's no junk food in the house, your kids can't ask for it. So forego the argument! It's much easier as a parent if the junk isn't there at all.

Healthy eating habits are crucial to a child's mental, emotional, and physical development. Without proper nutrition, kids can develop learning disabilities, behavioral problems, weight and self-esteem issues, and physical illnesses. Besides, giving your child the gift of healthy eating habits is one of the greatest things you can do as a parent to help them achieve their highest potential.

Dr. Sharada Hall
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

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