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Bumps and Bruises

Homeopathy for Where it Hurts

One day I was rushing down the sidewalk and ran headfirst into a lamppost. I found myself on the ground, seeing stars. My temple was throbbing, the blood vessels were plainly visible and a lovely egg had developed. I had visions of going around with a black eye for days. When I returned home and took a dose of Arnica the throbbing disappeared in a few minutes. Within the next hour the swelling disappeared. The next morning I went to the doctor, just fifteen hours after my collision, and there was not a trace of swelling left. The doctor was very impressed by Arnica’s efficiency!

Arnica Montana, commonly called Mountain Daisy or Wolf’s Bane, taken internally or applied externally by gel or ointment, can substantially reduce bruising, swelling and pain after an accident. It charms away the discomfort of fractures, sprains, concussions, and other injuries, recent or remote. Arnica grows in the mountains, but not at the peaks. Nature put it where it is of most use—along the slopes and in the meadows, as if placed there to relieve the suffering of whoever happens to be climbing nearby.

Arnica is also effective in treating accidents from the past. I knew a young woman who suffered for several years from agonizing and recurrent headaches from being in an auto accident; after a few doses of Arnica she lost them for good.

Remember Arnica for:
•    First remedy in a traumatic injury situation
•    Soreness or bruises
•    Contusions after surgery or dental work
•    Over extension of muscles or joints
•    Great for toddlers who have fallen or bumped into things
•    Wonderful before and after giving birth

If you’re new to homeopathic remedies or if you’ve been using them for years, you’ll want to make sure you always have both the oral and topical forms of Arnica in your medicine cabinet.

Avghi Constantinides, DHom HMC MA
Homeopathy For Life


Anonymous commented on 20-Mar-2012 02:07 PM4 out of 5 stars

Where do you recommend buying arnica? Any particular brands?

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