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Bless the Children

A Mother's Prayer

In the realm of cosmic lessons, nothing more clearly teaches, “You’re not the doer” quite like motherhood. You can instill values, set schedules, pack the lunches and kiss boo-boos, but even with the most careful planning, parenting brings with it countless experiences beyond your control.

Ultimately, children travel their own paths, intermingled with, yet independent of your journey. Like all human beings, they will face challenges and disappointments. Mothers have a host of tools to support their children, even from afar. In fact, mothers have been given a most powerful tool: Prayer.

The prayer of the mother is considered to be the most powerful prayer of all. Yogi Bhajan, in his teachings for women, said, “The prayer of the mother is the most powerful tool. Once you give birth to a child, give him (her) the highest gift: pray for that child…giving birth to a child and not adding prayer to that child is just like building a house without any foundation."

When you pray for your children, you project out to the universe all your hopes and wishes for your child. It is said that a mother's prayer for her child is so powerful that it can change their destiny. A mother’s prayer protects, heals, nurtures and guides the soul of their child (even into adulthood). In many traditions, mothers pray before conception and during the pregnancy for the highest soul to incarnate, and there are also wonderful “blessingway” ceremonies to bless mother and child during pregnancy.

There are as many ways to pray as there are mothers. In Kundalini Yoga, we have prayers that use mantra to uplift and nurture our children. Pootaa Mataa Kee Aasees is for the protection and blessing of a child. It can be recited daily or on a child's birthday. Jewish families share a special blessing for their children during the Friday night Sabbath. A beautiful Baha’i prayer for children asks God to “shine forth” through each child as a light in the world.

The approach to prayer is up to you – listen to your heart and speak, sing, visualize or call out in the prayer that springs forth from your love. From the pure prayer of the mother's love, you bless your children and, in the process, you bless yourself.

Kewal K. Khalsa Mother
Birth Doula, & Yoga Teacher

Recommended: Mother's Blessing (CD) by Prabhu Nam Kaur & Snatam Kaur and Blessingways: Celebrating Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood by Shari Maser


Anonymous commented on 29-Nov-2011 06:56 PM3 out of 5 stars

My 18 year old is going through some tough issues, and I felt a little down not knowing what else to do. This message hit right at home for us. Thank you

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