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Be My Valentine

Relationship Yoga IV

In what areas of your life would you and your partner like to grow or stretch? In partner yoga, creating new poses together encourages sensitivity to your mutual needs and limitations. Doing yoga together is a deeply intimate process that strengthens communication (verbal and physical), enhances your connection and deepens trust.

Just as you find ways to support each other to stretch and grow when doing partner yoga, so working together as partners in life can bring these same benefits into other aspects of your relationship. Finding ways to blend your desires and expand together can be a fun challenge—all it takes is a little creativity.

One way to “partner” in your life is to discover mutual pursuits that allow you to each encompass your individual needs. Suppose your partner is trying to come out of their “shell” and be more at ease in social situations, while you’re feeling sedentary and craving more physical activity. You might take a salsa or contra dance class together, join a walking or hiking group, or try out an activity like bocce ball or swimming that involves both physical exercise and social interaction.

Perhaps you are looking to express your creativity and broaden your palate, while your partner is seeking intellectual stimulation and has a desire to learn about other cultures—you could enroll in an Indian cooking class and take a conversational language class together. Get creative—your partner will love you for it. If you haven't experienced actual partner yoga, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for you both to get out your mats and enjoy some quality time!

Relationship yoga unites your two beings into one spirit. Simply seek a way to combine your desires and support one another in the process, and you'll be experiencing this divine union in your everyday life.

Mali Apple and Joe Dunn
The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Recommended: The Joy of Partner Yoga by Mishabae Edmond and Yoga Two-gether™ (DVD) by Coffey Video Productions


Kathleen commented on 13-Feb-2012 11:59 AM5 out of 5 stars

Sweet words of truth. ~Namasté

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