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ABC's of Ear Aches

Homeopathy for Children

Every year, countless children suffer from recurring ear infections. The antibiotics children are prescribed don’t seem to be working any more. So what is a parent to do when their two-year old has taken three courses of antibiotics and the ear infection is still not going away? The first thing to consider is your child’s diet. Changing a child’s dietary habits can help prevent reoccurring ear infections and upper respiratory problems. One option would be to substitute soy or almond milk products for dairy to reduce phlegm.

Homeopathy provides a powerful tool for improving the constitutional health of babies and children with ear problems and can work fast and effectively. Keep on hand these three “ABC” remedies for ear aches:

Aconite napellus: Use when the external ear is hot and red; children may report stinging and cutting pains in the ears. Often a child will get sick after being exposed to wet weather, or hot or cold winds.

Belladonna: Use for a sudden onset of ear ache with high fever; the child can be in a delirium, or hot to the touch and lethargic.

Chamomilla vulgaris: When the child has an ear ache and becomes very irritable and feels better when carried or rocked. This remedy is good for ear aches when a child is simultaneously teething.

Other helpful ear ache remedies to consider, based upon your child’s symptoms:

-Pulsatilla nigricans (whiney, moody and clingy, with right ear pain).

-Hepar sulfuris calcareum (sensitive to cold and touch, with discharge in nose and ears, throat pain).

-Kali muriaticum (white or greenish yellow nasal discharge, enlarged tonsils, and a stuffy sensation in the ear with some hearing loss).

-Kali sulfuricum (thin, yellow, sticky discharge, noises in the ears of older children, plus itching ears and evening pain).

-Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni (sensitive to hot and cold with sweating and salivation).

The above are suggestions and may work if the child’s constitution is matched with the corresponding remedies. The most successful way to treat ear aches is to look at the whole person. Consult with your local homeopathic doctor to find the remedies that are just right for your particular child’s needs.

Avghi Constantinides
D.Hom HMC MA Homeopath, Founder of Centre for Life
Co-Founder & Director, Los Angeles School of Homeopathy
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Philippa commented on 22-Feb-2011 12:09 PM3 out of 5 stars

Completely agree. Conventional doctors prescribed antibiotics and paracetomal to our little babies. All my children have suffered badly from ear infections. When it was my 2nds turn I got fed up seeing a conventional doctor as his temperature was not being controlled properly so i sought help from a Chinese medicine doctor. it was only her who sorted out the ear infections and the high temperatures. Now I am not able to get to this doctor and now I use a homeopathic doctor and I find the results to be just the same for my children.

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